Services Overview & Membership Packages

We at Specter Technology Solutions choose to deliver an elite managed IT solution to our member companies. We provide our member companies who trust us with exactly what they need to scale effectively with cost efficiency. This makes us different from the vast majority of IT managed service provider's (MSP) in that this type of mutually beneficial business relationship requires a high degree of trust since this is a no-haggle business arrangement. When you bring us on, we build out your IT infrastructure to fit industry best-practices and your specific needs based on our expert knowledge. We also require our member companies to comply with minimum infrastructure standards so that we can deliver the service we promise.

This leaves us with a very simple service structure. We have two options for the membership service agreement. One with unlimited on-site visits (Gold) and one without (Standard). Each service option comes at a fixed rate per user, per month making budgeting and forecasting simple and predictable.

Membership FeatureStandardGold
Unlimited Remote
Unlimited On Site Visits
24x7 Monitoring
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards
Member Portal
Office 365 Support
Mobile Device Management
Server Management
Workstation Management
Network Device Management
Automated Backup Solutions
NIST Control Policies
SOC Compliance

Onboarding Information

Onboarding can be a challenging process. We've added member companies whose IT infrastructure was so aged and technologically flawed they're practically being re-built from the ground up. And, it can take quite some time to fully onboard a company in such a state. However, no matter the challenge, the onboarding process is handled in a thorough, task-based style with the same high quality for all member companies and at the same fixed rate per user.

New Projects

It's common for companies to need to upgrade their IT infrastructure to meet demand over time. And, it's common for new member companies to need to upgrade their IT infrastructure to meet our well-defined minimum acceptable state to engage in a mutually beneficial business partnership where we act as your MSP. While we do not provide new hardware and software products and services as part of the membership, we make projects easy. You'll get a clearly-defined and complete statement of work with a fixed quote when new projects are required. We also partner with industry-leaders in IT, and can provide you with excellent equipment and software at a great price.

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If you've got questions about our services or package, please get in contact with us and we'll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.