About Us

Mission Statement

Specter Technology Solutions is dedicated to providing businesses with proactive, predictable, and smart IT solutions that scale with our member companies. We are dedicated to constantly re-inventing ourselves to support our member companies' ever-changing needs and challenges. We will work tirelessly to ensure that each of our member clients understands that building a mutually beneficial business relationship with us is an investment in a mutually prosperous future. Lastly, we are committed to providing a unique and elite IT service for smart, discerning businesses without ever compromising our quality of service.

Operating Philosophy

IT should be easy for businesses! Business owners and employees should spend very little time thinking about IT or dealing with IT problems. IT should be proactive! Most IT problems are predictable, and therefore can be either avoided or significantly mitigated. Not being proactive is neglect with potentially disastrous complications. IT decisions should be made by business owners/operators AND IT experts who understand IT is critical business infrastructure.

Industries We Serve

We can provide services to nearly every major industry. Common industries include, but are not limited to: healthcare, construction, real estate, renting, leasing, state and local government, engineering, law, finance, insurance, social care, durable manufacturing, retail, wholesale, information, arts, entertainment, waste, utilities, corporate management, education, agriculture and more.

Overview of Our History

Specter Technology Solutions is a DBA of Specter Technologies, LLC. We were founded by Blake Nesbit, a veteran of the information technology industry. Blake, at the time, was frustrated by the inefficiencies in IT service delivery and the negative outcomes they had on clients and engineers alike.

Understanding that the foundation of any good relationship is trust, Blake worked to develop a new-generation, disruptive IT managed service provider (MSP) based on trust. He created transparent business practices and paired them with cutting-edge technologies, industry best-practices, performance audits and analytics, and an emphasis on interoperability and automation.

Ultimately, Blake put these philosophies and ideas into practice in 2016 as Specter Technology Solutions. Since then we have been successfully growing, learning, and empowering our member companies. We have also created an environment where our IT engineers can thrive in a creative space and continue to enhance the quality of the service we provide to our valued member businesses.

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